Sunday, August 22, 2010

Renin as a Guide for BP Medication Choice

I do this quite often and I am not sure why it has not caught on and become more widespread. It is certainly not a new concept, but I am glad it made its way back into the literature. An article in the American Journal of Hypertension is highlighting the use of renin (plasma renin activity) levels to guide anti-hypertensive management choices.

A simple PRA prior to starting pharmacotherapy, or anywhere later down the line can help to narrow the choices for a preferred class of drug.

Here is a podcast on the topic from AJH.


Kenar D Jhaveri( kidney 007) said...

That has been my approach sine training. Start with Renin and choose the drugs based on that!

Dr. Simon E. Prince, FACP, FASN said...

Agreed... I am still not sure why it is not done more often. The authors site cost, but I dont think it is as big a factor.